Danish Tour Guide

I am the Danish Tour Guide and I aim to create experiences for Danes and others while traveling in the USA. After seven years in New York City, I’m now living life in Las Vegas. I’ve traveled many places in the USA and have, through my personal life and professional life, a large network of travel professionals that I utilize to bring you the best!

It all started as a dream in New York City and many years later we still provide tourists with amazing services and sightseeing in the city that never sleeps. Licensed, passionate, and knowledgeable guides in NY are awaiting you. Same goes for Washington D.C. and Las Vegas. As we expand our network we continue to link you with travel professionals in other cities and areas – but they share the same vision as us! This is more than just a job! Traveling is a lifestyle!

Looking for our website exclusively for New York, in Danish: www.turistinewyork.dk

Danish Tour Guide

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